About Tender Essence UK

Strive to find those rare essences in life. Those natural products that have been around for 1000's of years but have become ignored in modern times. Think back to the 80's when we got so distracted with processed products, like Brut and Arrid Extra Dry, that we forgot about natural ingredients. It wasn't just health care; macaroni cheese was as European a diet as we got. Now we have quinoa, cous cous and grapeseed oil. There was a general lack of knowledge about what went into our food and cosmetics.

Out of this era many of us have emerged much wiser about what we put into and onto our bodies. The Internet has empowered us to learn about what larger cosmetic companies put into their products and how they test on animals in the name of profits. Customer awareness has now resulted in safer, healthier and more ethical products.

These healthier products and lifestyles are what inspires the founders and staff at Tender Essence. We enjoy crafting our own cosmetics as part of our healthier lifestyles. We love animals and this is why every product sold is Vegan safe.

Tender Essence is all about empowering people to make their own cosmetics, through understanding what goes into them and how to make your own DIY cosmetics. 

Alongside this, you can buy essential oils here with free UK postage on all orders. These natural aromatic compounds (essential oils) offer you the ability to add aroma, health properties and emotional well-being to your lives. 

Essential oils are great for mixing with many other things to add their properties to the overall blended final product. i.e. a candle, lotion, massage oil or home-made hair conditioner. There is so much to learn. We offer a range of advice and ideas on our blog and in our book, Bright and Beautiful - Making Your Own Natural Cosmetics.

We hope that we've inspired you and if you're new to all this, welcome. Have a read of our blog and enjoy exploring the wonderful world of essential oils, aromatherapy and making your own cosmetics.