Bergamot Pure Essential Oil


Bergamot Essential Oil is cold-pressed from the bumpy skinned bergamot fruit which ripens from green to yellow, similar in appearance to a small orange. Assists acne, insect bites and other skin conditions - its fruity tones help lift your mood and enhance wellbeing.

Use Bergamot Essential Oil diluted with a carrier oil to create a relaxing massage oil.

What Bergamot is good for:

Good for skin - Bergamot refreshes the skin and helps with acne, cold sores, eczema, oily skin and spots
Respiratory system - Mouth infections, sore throats and tonsillitis
Repels insects - As well as soothing insect bites, Bergamot can also help repel insects
Enhances wellbeing - Refreshing qualities help anxiety, depression and stress 

Uses for Bergamot:

Use in a diffuser - Add a few drops of Bergamot oil to your diffuser or burner to refresh and uplift you.

Use in a roller bottle - Add a few drops to some fractionated coconut oil and add to a rollerball bottle to help soothe bites and stings on the go.

Technical Information about Bergamot:

Botanical/Latin name: Citrus bergamia
Origin: Italy
Extraction Method: Cold expression of the peel
Consistency: The oil has a watery viscosity
Note: Middle to Top

Blends with: Chamomile, Cypress, Geranium, Jasmine, Juniper, Lavender, Lemon, Neroli, Violet Leaf

Special notes: Our Bergamot is FCF (furocoumarin free), however, if you use a non-FCF Bergamot then this can be phototoxic, causing sensitisation and pigmentation when exposed to sunlight.

Essential Oils

For external use only.

Do not apply to skin undiluted.

Avoid contact with eyes.

Do not use on children, when pregnant, or while on medication.

Keep out of reach from children.

Do not use essential oils instead of seeing a doctor for medical advice.

If an allergic reaction occurs wash the oil off with soap and water then seek medical advice.

Carrier Oils

Patch test before use.

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