When people talk about Essential Oils they assume that all oils are just that, however, some raw materials are just too delicate to be distilled, distillation is the method commonly used when extracting essential oils.

Absolutes are plant oils that are extracted by solvent extraction, this solvent extraction is carried out on our Jasmine, Blue Lotus and Violet Leaf Oils - Jasmine is too delicate to extract using normal distillation methods.

Due to the costs of these absolutes, we mix ours with grapeseed oil, this oil is a great oil to blend with as it's colourless and has no aroma so it won't compromise the absolute - this allows you to get quality absolute at a fraction of the cost that the pure oil would cost - it also makes further diluting much easier fro you.



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Violet Leaf Absolute Oil (Dilute) - Tender Essence
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