What Is Aromatherapy & Which Essential Oils Are Best?

What Is Aromatherapy & Which Essential Oils Are Best?

What Is Aromatherapy & Which Essential Oils Are Best?

We have 5 (main) senses and one of them is our sense of smell. It’s one of the most overlooked senses. Yet, our sense of smell can have a marvellous effect on our health, body and mind. Imagine how you feel when you smell your favourite food (i.e. pancakes, Sunday dinner or baked bread)? How just smelling a favourite food can transport us to memory or provide us with a sense of happiness and security. This itself can have healing powers on the body and mind.

Aromatherapists use natural aromas (mainly plant extracted essential oils) and use these in aromatherapy to help with holistic healing. However, you don’t have to be an aromatherapist to use essential oils at home. Many of the health properties of essential oils can be experienced through simple activities or applications.

Which essential oils are good for aromatherapy?

Here are just a few examples of oils and their therapeutic properties:


Lavender is widely regarded as the most useful of all essential oils, as it holds many beneficial properties and can be used for a range of ailments, such as;
– Antiseptic and soothing for relieving burns, bites and stings.
– Relieves stress and relaxes the mind.

Lavender has an amazing floral and fresh fragrance and is safe for sensitive skin types. If you’ve never used an essential oil before then this is a great ‘first choice step’ into the world of aromatherapy, just 5 drops of the oil in the bath and you’ll feel fully relaxed.

All essential oils should be diluted first, never apply an essential neat to the skin. They can be diluted with a vegetable oil or lotion and used for massage.

Tea Tree (Ti Tree)

Tea Tree is an antiseptic. kills bacteria, fungi & viruses. It has a medicinal but refreshing smell. Good for acne (mix 2 drops into a sink of water, before washing your face). Scent increases in strength during evaporation in water or an oil burner, so often 2 drops is enough.


Eucalyptus is an antiseptic oil that heals and kills germs. Stimulating smell that clears congesting in your head (especially colds). Put on a tissue next to your bed, and it will help you breathe easier in the night. Use an oil burner to kill air born germs.

One of the main ingredients of Olbas Oil.  

Aromatherapy Massage

One of the easiest ways to experience the benefits of aromatherapy is with an aromatherapy massage oil. Whether you massage yourself or receive a massage from someone else, it can be a relaxing experience that helps to relieve tension and ease the mind.

Massage is one of the best ways to experience the benefits of essential oils, as it boosts circulation and the warmth of skin makes the scent stronger – meaning you receive quicker therapeutic benefits to body and mind.

For the most comfortable experience, you should make sure your massage oil is warm. You can do this by placing the container in hot water for a few minutes. Your aromatherapy oil can have a relaxing or stimulating effect, depending on the oils you use.

Our aromatherapy map explores the different essential oils and the effects they can have on the body and mind.

There are hundreds of essential oils available and it’s likely many more new ones will be found as people experiment further with steam distilling plants to extract new pure oil compounds.

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